Digital witness and also civils rights: the Nuezca case

In December 2020, a law enforcement agent surrendered himself to authorities to be billed with the murder of a mother and her son in Tarlac province, north of the Philippine

resources Manila. Somewhere else in the world, such an incident would have been an average non-event, showing the typical functioning of the criminal justice system. In …

Human rights organisations direct to tens of thousands of drug-related extrajudicial murders at the hands of police as well as vigilantes, and wrongdoers of these killings are extremely rarely prosecuted, a lot less do they give up and also face up to the legal consequences of their acts. Duterte has actually so far fulfilled initiatives at documenting EJKs with rejection, disinformation as well as toxic attacks against human civil liberties and their supporters, consisting of human rights organisations, courts, the UN special rapporteur as well as the ICC district attorney. Elsewhere in the globe, digital modern technology has currently played a democratising function in the job of recording human legal rights infractions and international criminal offenses and electronic evidence have substantially contributed to making sure liability from criminals. The intersection of human rights and also technology is one of the newest subfields in human civil liberties study. In enhancement, by verifying digital proof produced and also made offered online by particular individuals, human civil liberties supporters are able to use evidence that were not originally produced for campaigning for purposes.