Jawi: identity as well as conflict

This short article is based on workshop labelled “Jawi: sacred and secular,” which will exist in the ANU Malaysia Institute Seminar Series 2021 on Tuesday, 27 July, 2021– 17:00 to 18:10 (AEST). You can sign up to go to the seminar via the occasion page.

It was the Kongres Bahasa of 1954 that ratified the use of Rumi alongside Jawi in the name of progression, as well as the Barisan Nasional federal governments of the 1970s as well as 80s that sidelined Jawi within the nationwide curriculum.

Figure Number: A Tweet shows some of the controversial text book publicationPictures Number 3: Advertisement for Tiger Beer. While there is definitely a close and also abiding association between Islam and also Jawi, because the Arabic language and also manuscript are innate to the Qur’an, in its centuries long existence in Southeast Asia Jawi has been utilized by Muslims and also non-Muslims alike, for all sorts of objectives. Figure 4: Kicap Cap Kuda Terbang advertisementPromotion Majlis, 4 August 1950.