NBSEAS: “Future Forward: The Rise and Fall of a Thai Political Party”

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BSEAS In the most recent podcast from the New Books in Southeast Oriental Studies, Patrick Jory speaks to Duncan McCargo and Anyarat Chattharakul about their new book on Thai politics. Thailand has actually remained in a deep political crisis given that the royalist-military stroke of genius versus the Thaksin federal government in 2006. A second stroke of genius, in 2014, introduced a hard-line armed forces tyranny. The passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 2016 and also accession to the throne of his child and beneficiary, King Vajiralongkorn, has even more transformed Thailand’s political landscape. When the military junta arranged new political elections in 2019, most Thais anticipated the armed forces to engineer the military-backed party into federal government. What no-one expected was the amazing electoral success of a new, liberal, dynamic political party, Future Forward. Within 2 years the Constitutional Court had dissolved the celebration and also banned its management from politics for 10 years. Duncan McCargo and also Anyarat Chattharakul have actually evaluated the sensational rise and fall of this event in their co-authored book, Future Forward: The Fluctuate of a Thai Political Event (NIAS Press, 2020).